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September 1, 2021
Automated bots operated by malicious actors are costing businesses an average of 3.6 percent of their annual revenue. For the 25 percent worst affected businesses, this equates to at least $250 million every year. Even more concerning is the time it takes to discover these attacks. On average, more than 14 weeks pass before a successful attack is detected. [More...]

August 26, 2021
This summer's surge in spending is making digital retailers more vulnerable to accounting errors that result in significant revenue losses. To address this issue, UpstartWorks developed an automated system to audit and recoup unpaid invoices lost in the supply chain quagmire. Its new accounting automation engine resolves costly marketplace oversights that can save businesses millions. [More...]

August 25, 2021
Cultivating repeat customers is a critical necessity in the continuing customer shift to mobile-first interactions for a potential product or service purchase. Digital CX tools help level the playing field by providing SMBs the same advantages put to use by their larger counterparts to solidify the customer experience and create repeat business. [More...]

August 19, 2021
In its simplest form, Fast provides the answer most anticipated by e-tailers. That is, how do you put a checkout button on any page on the website, even if it is not directly on the e-commerce store? "By using a headless checkout solution, retailers are able to convert any digital screen into an opportunity to buy products and engage with shoppers," said Allison Barr Allen, COO and co-founder of Fast. [More...]

August 17, 2021
This year's back-to-school season is a true "Back to School!" that's driving increased spending and demand for clothing, school supplies, computers, athletic equipment, and other products. To successfully navigate the chaos, shoppers will turn to reviews from their peers who have first-hand experience with these products. [More...]

August 13, 2021
You are young -- as in under 30 -- are smart, and have financial support. That makes you a great candidate to start your own business and most likely to meet with astounding success. Right? Do not yet quit your day job! The numbers borne out by ample research say you could be wrong. So how old should you be when you take that entrepreneurial plunge? [More...]

August 11, 2021
With all the differences between the latest beauty brands and the more traditional legacy cosmetics businesses, there is one issue they have in common: a loss of e-commerce sales and revenues due to abandonment. Here are some proven and effective personalization strategies to dramatically improve conversion rates and drive revenue gains. [More...]

August 9, 2021
For e-commerce businesses that are seriously considering a new source for brand awareness and customer acquisition, TikTok can be an unbeatable advertising investment, according to Dariya Smailova senior digital media buyer manager at Vendo. The platform allows e-commerce brands to remain visible and present within the always-watching customer lifestyle. [More...]

August 4, 2021
E-commerce and m-commerce are transforming the economic landscape. Both markets were steadily growing before the pandemic. But since then, consumers have been fueling both types of commerce with a frenzy. We thought this would be an appropriate time to speak with Logiq CEO Tom Furukawa about opportunity trends in digital commerce, and the role of market intelligence in the global commerce space. [More...]

August 3, 2021
The information technology sector, including companies that are directly and indirectly involved in providing IT products and services to the federal government, will be especially affected by the provisions of the "Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity." [More...]

July 29, 2021
The impending loss of third-party digital cookies will soon force the e-commerce advertising industry to shift its strategies fast. These developments are issuing a real blow to advertisers seeking to leverage third-party data. At issue now is how brands will regroup from these substantial changes to online advertising. [More...]

July 28, 2021
Google's new service aimed at beefing up the search capabilities of retailers' websites may make those sellers more competitive with Amazon. Google Cloud Retail Search hopes to address the staggering problem of "search abandonment," which costs retailers more than $300 billion a year in the U.S. alone, according to research performed by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Google Cloud. [More...]

July 27, 2021
Because they live on the ecosystem of mobile devices, people expect their apps to be user-friendly and instantly accessible. To attract and keep users, apps must deliver a seamless, simple, and intuitive experience. We spoke with experts in the fields of apps and CX to get their take on what makes for a winning app design, and where commerce apps are headed in the future. [More...]

July 26, 2021
AfterShip Cofounder and CPO Andrew Chan is an advocate of post-purchase engagement to boost customer retention. He advises that ensuring a convenient experience after purchase -- from shipping, tracking, returns, and reviews -- helps retailers sell more to happy, repeat consumers. We spoke with Chan to hear more about his strategies for supercharging customer retention. [More...]

July 23, 2021
One of the fundamental choices that an e-commerce retailer must make is the platform they use to sell their goods and services, because it's not just a store -- it's a place to connect with customers and create a sense of the brand. We spoke with several e-commerce experts to get their take on how retailers can choose and customize platforms to get the right fit between product, culture, and customer. [More...]

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